Getting Back To It

I’m sorry.

I started this blog with the best of intentions, like all bloggers do. I had so many ideas I thought I could find the motivation to keep going. I didn’t account for how much the death of my husband would affect me. I thought it would help me to focus on other things besides him. Instead, I became overwhelmed by EVERYTHING and so I stopped.

This idea of allergies and their connection to depression still lights me up. I still research and read papers, finding connection after connection. It has taken me down paths I never would have thought existed, and I want to share them with you if you’re still out there and interested.

This is not my work but the work of hundreds if not thousands of researchers, doctors and nutritionists. I just read what they do and ask questions. And now, hopefully write. I will write even if there’s only one of you out there. Even if you’re my mom or dad. Because this is very important and if I can stop my depression and my son’s depression by being cognizant of what foods trigger it, then there are many others out there who can do the same. What’s so exciting to me is that while I focused on depression, I’ve learned the same cause is at the root of many other chronic illnesses. We can all heal. This may not be the route that’s best for some, but it may help others who are confused by their illness and why they have it.

I hope you can forgive my long absence. I will post something new within a week.

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  1. I too suffered from bad depression and when I eliminated corn in every form from my diet my depression and mental problems disappearred. People think I am crazy when I mention it. I know I am not and there are alternative doctors that back me up. They still wont believe me. I will help you if you want help to get the word out. Let’s unite somehow. Shelly

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